Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nerd Quest! A search inside the self


                     Cosplay didn't have a name like it does today. I have been wondering "When did people start dressing up for cons? When did cons start???!" So I started doing research. It started in 1939. Science Fiction and fantasy has been a genre in book form for quite a while, like a while being the 1800's. They had Brom Stoker, Mary  Shelley, Jules Verne. People reading those books and dreaming. That means if Jules Verne wrote all of his books in the 1800's there had to have been nerdy Victorian people. Maybe they made replicas of the Time Machine or drew pictures of what Morlocks looked like in their imagination. Robert E. Howard wrote books about Conan the Barbarian these books inspiring early nerds to dream about these stories.Just unknowingly waiting for a venue to be created  so they can vent these creative creatures just growing in them.

To be continued......

New entry!                  I have some friends who have been Star Trek fans for a while. Since the mid 80's. People grow out of things or change one thing for another but some people don't some people keep loving Comics or Movies or Genre stuff and they pass it on down to their kids and it keeps going. It is natural that eventually what is known to a few grows and becomes known to many. Some people hate this, some people love it. I am of the latter. The more the merrier! The bigger it is the more people give their money to these big company who only see green(or whatever color of money you have) , the more they will produce that product. Imagine how small that first con was. 1939 most everyone in a suit, walking around looking for the book they can't get anywhere else maybe meeting a writer they like and nerding out.
                   This video is features some of the some of the most prominent authors in Sci-Fi Fantasy novels talking about early Conventions.



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