Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I want to talk about Poltergeist, the original not the remake. (Don't get me started on remakes) I just realized something, at the beginning of the movie, one of the fellas has just come back from a beer run.  Did he drive? No. He went on a beer run on a bike, which means to me, that he has a DUI and isn't allowed to drive. The nicer thought is that he has had a few already and is responsible enough to not get in a car. But I think the former is funnier. Not that alcoholism is funny.

     If the neighborhood they built was on a graveyard. "They moved the headstones but not the bodies!"  Why is their house the only one in that neighborhood that has poltergeist activity? I have seen some small cemeteries before but they are usually old. Could it be that the house they live in was the first? Was the tree part of the cemetery? Does that tree beside the kids bedroom window have bodies in it? It looks like it! Trees have the ability to absorb stuff that it is next to. It takes a long time to absorb it but it can. I have see it with barbwire, the tree becomes apart of the fence.

   Mom was awake to hear Carol Ann say "They're here." She didn't see the weird crap come out of the TV? Did the storm bring in the poltergeist activity? This doesn't even start till that storm hits. Before that storm everything was fine. After the storm though the weird stuff starts to happen. I don't know why they didn't just get the neighbor guy to go over and just sit him down and experience the weird phenomenon that is happening in the kitchen.

    I love it when the ghost hunter people come. Craig T. Nelson's face is so great when the guy is explaining the phenomenon that they had experienced and Craig's character is just thinking "Huh-uh yeah, you saw a toy go across the floor really slowly, my daughter was kidnapped by our closet and now everything in that room spins."  I'd like to see that type of stuff on an episode of Ghost whatever one you watch. I wonder if they would react the same as the people in the movie. Would they be sipping tea with shaky hands?

         I wonder if someone in the family could have just stayed in the room with Carol Ann if it would have taken her. Where was Carol Ann playing when she left your sight? No one says she wasn't playing, we ran out outside to save our son from getting eaten by a freakin tree and when we came back she was gone!?!? No one mentioned the tree? I think that would have been a huge subject to talk about.

     When the lady is talking about ghost and how a lot of it works, I think there are subtle clues about the Reverend and the cult in the first movie. Maybe the beast is the Reverend. Those ghost that go down the stairs I think are the cult. I have seen this movie a bunch of times and I love it.

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