Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why not VHS???

I watched a Documentary recently. It was about people who collect video tapes. They were talking about the time when VHS was going to DVD and how some of these tapes weren't going to be on DVD. I remember when this was happening, I had a huge collection of tapes and the thought of going to DVD sounded expensive at the time. I did go to DVD as we all did, which is why Bluray annoys me and I refuse to buy it. Anyway I thought those people on the Documentary have a great idea. There are tapes out there that haven't been put to DVD and a lot of those are classics. They may not be classics that film Critics love. But lets face it, film critics have seen more movies than most people (I am one who has seen more movies than some.) and they are jaded and they don't like the every person movie.

           The every person movie is that one that probably will make a lot of money and will be loved by fans. It is also the movie that is full of cliches and if you have seen any type of movie enough you can see how the plot is going to go. But is loathed by critics, there is also some movies that is loathed by most people but a few. Those movies are still on VHS and they are loved by people who are into (What I like to call) Popcorn throwing movies (I mean those movies where you see people laugh at the campy part and throw popcorn at the screen) or Schlock or Campy. Thankfully some of them are on compilation DVDs but a lot more aren't. That is why Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Flea Malls, yard sales etc. are gold. I love Sci-fi Fantasy and there is one thing I love about the fantasy genre and that is a quest.

                 Sure I could have gone online or to the bookstore and bought the Lord of the Rings books but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to go into that Thrift store and search through those books and try to find the books. They are cheaper, plus I might have found a copy of the book worth something but I did it for the thrill of the hunt. That is what is fun about trying to find something at a those places. That is what is also great about Conventions. Someone there has a copy of that wonderful b-movie you always wanted.


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