Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pirate TV?

        I sit there in front of the TV set going through channels like a post apocalyptic man going through the radio trying to find another human on earth. I have modified my bunny ears with copper and tin foil. Not just tin foil extra length in bunny ears but a make shift satellite. I find some color static, blues and greens and I find some reds and oranges. I mostly travel through this barren wasteland of dark and light grey static. I am looking for pirates. Pirate TV a sort of romanticized dream of people like me making TV off the back of unused analog signals.

              There was a time when there were horror host. A lot of local area channels had them. The show would be late at night, it would be an old genre movie and there would be a character hosting this movie. Before the commercial break the Host would come on and make some jokes or tell facts about the last scene before the commercial would start and then they would welcome you back. This was the most popular when not everyone had a VCR, but they still were popular after. Near the end of the Horror hosting era the two I remember the most are Joe Bob Briggs and Elivra Mistress of the Dark. Anyway some of those shows would be on a network that was local and not known that well. That kind of thing is what I am looking for or would like to look for. Right now though I am just trying to see if there is anything out there in the first place.

               I keep picturing something like the movie UHF that Weird Al made. Not a show filled with reruns of old TV shows but one that has it's own quirky programming. Maybe that is what they are doing with the digital channels I am about to find out. Maybe this is coming from nostalgia maybe it is coming from a part of me that wants to create weird programming. I have wanted to be a horror host at one time. I don't know. Maybe I just thought it would be cool to find something still riding on the analog ghost highway.

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